We crave data.  Its the rocket fuel that propels successful digital programs and relationship marketing.

Our approach begins with your business objectives.  We work back from your KPIs to define and align digital and social KPIs that support your overall goals.  While we love data, we also want to see data for specific and desired business goals, helping you to improve the delivery of digital and social programs.

Our analytical services include:

  • Customer segmentation strategies
    A good marketing program begins with understanding the customer.  We work with you to identify and segment customers into meaningful audiences.  Then the fun begins, as digital and social media activities are built to address these audiences.
  • Marketing productivity
    Our analyses take marketing campaigns through the paces, seeking ways to improve conversion rates and achieve your marketing goals with less marketing spend.  We’re fans of Lean Six Sigma rigor and have been known to apply Six Sigma principles to marketing processes.
  • Customer retention
    The cost to acquire a new customer is often a multiple of the cost to retain an existing customer. Our specialty is managing customer loyalty.  We look at churn rates and identify digital and social media actions to improve customer engagement with your brands. 
  • Reporting
    All the insight in the world isn’t worth anything if you’re not aware of it.  We build intuitive, easy to use dashboards to ensure you stay on top of your key customer and marketing metrics.